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Little Rascalz Soccer School

Primary Location
3830 Valley Center Dr, Suite 705 - 826

San Diego, CA 92130
Phone: 619-309-9626
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Little Rascalz Soccer for Kids Little Rascalz Soccer for Toddlers

Here you will find soccer schedules for Little Rascalz Soccer  & Mommy & Me classes. If you do not find a time or place that suits your family, please keep checking back as times and places change to accommodate demand.
If a spot is still available in a soccer class, then families pay register anytime during the session for a prorated fee.

Kid ages are a guideline only.  No birth certificates are needed.  If you feel that your slightly younger/older toddler or young kid would enjoy the program please feel free to try.  We offer a full refund if you decide not to participate after the first soccer class. 

If you are interested in a soccer class that is posted full, please fill out a waitlist request.  If any toddler or kid moves soccer classes or drops out, you will automatically have that spot.


Little Rascalz Soccer School
for Toddlers and Young Kids


A quality, fun, and truly noncompetitive soccer school.

Child to coach ratio is 1:5 or better.



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