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Kid’s Soccer Coaches San Diego

Soccer Coach Bethy & Smacky

This husband and wife team created and started 'Little Rascalz Soccer School' in 2005. Due to developing a new
and 'fun' soccer program,
coupled with a wonderfully unique &
enthusiastic teaching style as well a welcoming soccer community in San Diego, this family business has seen 'Little Rascalz Soccer' expand and
grow at an astounding rate.

San Diego soccer coach, Bethy and Smacky

"It sure beats
working for a living!"

Soccer Coach Bethy & Smacky's Motto

Coach Bethy is the loud one with the funny English accent and has worked with toddler and preschool age children for 22 years. She started out as a preschool teacher and then a youth director for a large cruise line. First and foremost she's mommy to Alice in San Diego but during Alice's school time she's out on the field calling kids silly sausages and generally reeking havoc with her booger jokes.

Coach Smacky, aka: Coach (or Toach), Snacky, Masky or Mas Coachy depending on which Rascal is addressing him, is the soccer brain of the partnership.
After realizing that a professional career was not possible due to so many injuries he turned his hand to coaching soccer for toddlers, kids, and adults in his spare time and now is ecstatic that he can actually do what he loves all day in San Diego.

While watching this soccer team in action, you can immediately see this husband and wife team truly loves what they do!Bethy and Smacky soccer coaches in San Diego

Toddler soccer coach, Shiloh

Soccer Coach Shiloh

Lead & Mommy n Me soccer coach

Coach Shiloh has over 10 years working with toddlers and preschoolers. She owned a home preschool for four years, has 20 units in Early Child Education, and worked for KinderKare Learning Centers as the lead teacher in toddler classrooms. She spent several Falls volunteering at VIP Village and Head Start in Imperial Beach. For soccer Coach Shiloh there is never a dull moment-she thoroughly enjoys watching the excitement and confidence grow as kids learn something new and have fun.  She has three beautiful children of her own, a son 6, and two daughters 14 and 17.  In her free time when she is not learning new booger jokes, she enjoys hiking, kayaking and spending time outdoors around San Diego.

Little Rascalz Soccer coach Kali for toddlers and kids

Soccer Coach Kali

Coach Kali's parents decided that one kid wasn't enough and gave her 7 younger siblings. So after helping with all of the kids she decided that working with toddlers and kids was definitely what she was best at.  When she is not coaching soccer for Little Rascalz in San Diego she works with Autistic and other Special Needs kids during the school-year and as a Daycamp Director in the summer. In her few precious hours off, she can be found tackling the mountain of homework given in her Special Education Teacher credential/Masters program or decorating cupcakes to look like monsters or playing soccer and other fun things.

San Diego soccer coach, Adrie

Soccer Coach Adrie


Soccer Coach Adrie is originally from Northern California and is currently going to school for her teaching credentials. Having worked for many years in the theatre she is a natural at all the imaginative games and being very animated with the toddlers.
When she's not out on the soccer field in San Diego being fabulous she likes hiking and having fun!!

Toddler soccer coach, Staci, in San Diego

Soccer Coach Staci


Coach Staci is the 'crazy soccer coach' and there is never a dull moment when she's on the soccer field. She's a mother of 2 former Little Rascalz toddlers and says this her 'best job ever'.  Her family loves to go camping and hanging out in San Diego at the beach but they never leave home without their soccer ball.

More soccer coaches pics and info coming soon.