Policies A To Faq

Here's all the LARGE PRINT:-) 

Class enrollment is set to a minimum of 5 children to operate and maximum of  10 or 12 depending on the class.  Classes can be altered, canceled, added or changed by location for various reasons but you would of course be informed of any changes as soon as physically possible. 

The ages are guidelines only and we do not impose 'has to be this age by a certain date' restrictions as all children develop differently. But general rules of thumb are:

Mommy 'n' me:- For kiddo's who still run by the beat of the their own drum and need a parent or guardian on the field with them for either comfort or one to one guidance. 

Regular class:- For kiddo's who are ready to be on the field while the grown ups watch from the side, ready to follow directions from a non familiar adult and follow along with what the class as a whole is doing.

Vets class:- Similar to the regular class but with more challenging games that require a little more skill, emotional maturity and concentration.

Advanced class:- Still super fun but competitive (in a nice way). Higher level of technical skill required. These class are by invitation only.(Vet's class kids will be told when to move up).  If you have not done our program before and wish your child to go straight into this class then please email to arrange a free trial for this class.

Please note:- While we do not impose strict age restrictions we do reserve the right to move children into classes that are more developmentally appropriate for them after they have tried the class and you would be contacted to discuss this. We are extremely honest about this as we really want your child to be in a class that they are getting the most from and giving you the most bang for your buck. We could happily take your money, not say anything and keep you happy by letting them play in a class that wasn't right for them just because you had chose that level of class...... but we don't. This would be doing you a disservice and more importantly not respecting your child. 

Our child/coach ratio for regular and vets classes  is ABSOLUTELY UNRIVALED BY ANYONE. We do 5 or 6/1 in a full class. (10 or 12 children, 2 coaches) again depending on the class.. Everyone else does a 12/1 ratio. (cheapskates:-)
If the class is not full then the ratio is even better. e.g. 8 children in the class ratio goes to 4/1 etc etc.
For mommy n me the coach ratio is 10 or 12/1 because the parents are with the children on the playing area. Advanced soccer classes are also 12/1 because the children are older and more experienced.. This again is BY FAR...(as in not even close) the best ratio of any same age child group activity by REALLY REALLY A LOT!! 

Registration & classes are filled on a first received basis. (It's the only fair way). All registration is done through the Sawyer platform on our website.

Not to worry. You can always ck if you forget. All of the dates of the current session and the following one (a month before it starts) are always on the website on each class page. 

Usually sessions are 8 weeks long but some are 7 weeks. Cost for an 8 week session is $180 and cost for a 7 week session is $157.50.

We offer a 20% sibling discount, a 10% active military discount. For the sibling discount, if you are registering your children for the same class it will take off the discount automatically. If you're signing them up for separate classes, please email us after registration and we will refund it manually.
Military discount: Please type ACTIVEMILITARY into the promo code at check out and it will apply the discount. 

All classes are filled on a first come first served basis. Once registration starts it carries on until the class is filled. You can register at any time during a session for a class that is indicated as 'open' on the schedules page and we do pro rate for the classes you have missed. - (If you are joining the session late, not for personally missed classes once enrolled). To work out your cost. Take the initial 8 week fee of $180 and deduct $22.50 off for every class that you've missed.That will be what you will pay. 

100% refund will be given if notification of cancellation is received 24HRS BEFORE THE SECOND class meeting, in writing by (e-mail). This service is offered by us as a way to allow parents to try our program risk free. If you don't like the first class, just let us know during that time and you will receive a FULL REFUND.
Notice of cancellation 24hrs before the 3rd class meeting will receive a prorated refund for the remaining classes, in addition to a $20.00 administration charge. Please note that if you do not attend the first class or choose to bring your child to the second class and he/she does not participate then that is your choice and is still subject to our refund/cancellation policies. 'Participation' in either class is irrelevant. It's the space in the class that he/she occupied that is the key.
Refunds, credits, or transfers will NOT be given for cancellation beyond 24 hrs before the 3rd week of class. Due to unfortunate circumstances the above refund/cancellation policy is now set in stone. No exceptions whatsoever! Please do not ask for an exception at the risk of being offended when we say no. This is the BEST POLICY EVER. Please check around for other child activities and see what their policy is and you will understand how good this policy is!!

AGAIN, this policy is unrivaled by anyone with even a remotely similar service.
We don't keep track of how many make ups you have as it's all done on the honor system. However many you think you have is fine with us.
If you miss class, you can make it up by attending another class.
*Make ups do not expire and you do not have to be enrolled in a session to do make ups. 
*To schedule a make up, Just look at the schedule online, pick a class and email to request. (It's that easy). Please note that in full classes we can only add one make up per class so on the odd occasion your date may not be available if someone has already scheduled a make up in that class but we can always fit you in on another date. 
*Make ups can be done at any location/day/time. You are not restricted to the class location day and time you originally registered for.
*Our only exception is we don't allow make ups on the first class of a new session. Coach is too busy settling in new children and answering new parents questions etc.
*You can do two per session only and this is something we do track. If you have more, you can do two one session and the rest the following sessions. Again, they don't expire. 
*Make ups can be transferred to siblings. Just siblings though, not cousins, friends, etc
*If you know ahead of time you are going to miss a class and it is more convenient to make-up a class BEFORE you actually 'miss it' then that's fine also.

*We DO NOT offer prorated fees, credit or transfers on/to future sessions because of personally missed classes. No exceptions.
*Please note that this make-up policy is unbelievably good and unrivaled by any other child's activity in the entire universe. You can check and please do, so please don't quibble with it!


In case of any of the above conditions please call 619 309 9626 around 45 mins - 1 hour before the start time of the first class in your morning or afternoon session. e.g. If you attend the 10:30 morning class but you you know there is a class before it at 9:45 then you can call at 8:45. Because if we are cancel one class per morning or afternoon 'group' then all the classes are canceled in that particular 'group'. 
Please note, we will on occasion send an email telling you of the rain out  but under no circumstances can we guarantee it so please call in the above number to make sure if you are in doubt and have not received a message from us. 
Also, please note, we can't control the weather and sometimes it surprises us so we can't always guarantee that when you call in 45 mins before class the message will be correct. For example. It's not even remotely raining or has rained at 8:15 for a 9:00 class. Then coach get's to field and it starts raining hard at 9:00.....We are truly sorry, but things like that are out of our control however, we absolutely do everything possible to make sure the message is correct.

Please don't just presume it's canceled if it's raining at your house. It may not be at the field. Please call the number and it it's a regular 'sorry we missed you' message then the class is on.
FYI--Unless it's actually raining hard at the time, we will most likely be doing class. We are not like other companies and sports groups who cancel when it's misting....They cancel easily because they do not make up those classes. We do!
Make ups for rain out are a real pain for us so we really really don't cancel lightly. 
For classes that are canceled by us due to weather etc: We will make up classes at the end of the session during the break in between sessions. Or, you may choose to make up the class on another day.
If there are more than one per session, we will try and make up two but if we can't, or we don't have the break after the session, you may choose to make up the class on another day or receive credit towards a future session. Please note that make ups offered by Little Rascalz may be on a different day/location and or time than the class you were attending but will obviously not be held during school time. Also, if we make up a class and you can not attend that class, we do not offer credits towards future session as we have offered a make up. Credits are only offered when we can not provide a make up. However, as always, you can choose to make up that class at your convenience.
In the event of more than 2 classes in a session being rained out, if we make up one we credit towards a future session for the 2nd and then all other are made up at your convenience. If we make up two then you can choose either a credit for the 3rd or again, Make up when you like. 
Please see above for 'make up' details. 

Children in Mommy 'n' Me classes and regular soccer do not need any special equipment or clothing as long as they're wearing closed toed shoes. (We even allow princess dresses/Tiara's and Wot not:-). If your child has cleats and shin guards etc and they want to wear them then that's fine, it's just not a requirement.
Soccer Vets classes, shin guards are needed. Soccer advanced classes, shin guards and cleats are needed.
Parents, bring something for your child to drink and something for yourself to sit on.

Children with special needs are very welcome in our classes. Our child coach ratio is super low and we are very visual with our instruction. Please indicate on your registration form any special needs your child has and also feel free to speak to your child's coach personally before the start of your first class also if you would like to. This way we can obviously help your child in the correct way for his or her needs during the class.

All children participating in a Little Rascalz Mommy 'n' Me class will have a parent/carer on the playing area with them during the class. As your child progresses to be more independent, parent/carers can take their cues from the coach when to 'hang back' and let them participate independently. You will also be told by the coach when your child is ready to move to our regular independent Soccer classes.

At the 2 1/2 - 3 yrs age you may wonder which class is suitable for your little one. Please feel free to just show up and try and class to see if that's easier, but the general guidelines for the difference between the 2 classes are: Mommy n me children still need a parent on the field with them and still run by the beat of their own drum (can't follow directions). The children in the regular class do not require a parent on the field with them and can follow instructions from a non familiar adult.

Veterans classes are for children who are ready for little competition. Please don't feel you need to move your child into these classes based on the length of time they have been in a regular class. The majority of children will not be ready for these classes, for a long time. (If ever). It's not only a question of age, but also having reached a physical/emotional/social stage of development. We have found that it's tempting to enroll your child in these classes for fear of having them have to repeat a regular class but if you witnessed any professional soccer players training sessions you will see that they do the same drills EVERY DAY never mind once every 2 months. This is the best way to master any skill. Also, as parents you may get bored, but the kids don't--we promise! It's comforting to know 'the drill' and that's how they learn. We do not wish to discourage anyone from wanting to enroll their child in these classes if they are ready for them, however, if you are in doubt please talk to your child's coach. Please do not be offended if we say they're not ready!

These classes are for children who are ready for a competitive class. (Abate a lighthearted and still super fun one).  This class is ideal for children who do seasonal rec soccer but are still wanting to play soccer at other times of the year, or children who have grown too old/big or skilled for the regular or veterans classes but have no desire to join a team and would prefer a weekly fun class instead..

Please click on this link to see all the details for summer camps.

A note from coach Bethy:
As a preschooler educator for the past 30 yrs, every fiber of my being tells me that we should not give out a trophy/medal at the end of the session for 'participation'. Many of our children attend year round and for several years. So considering we do six sessions a year then the line of trophies/medals on the mantelpiece would be rather large...
Therefore, when they do actually win a trophy or medal for a significant reason, it will be irrelevant because "I already have so many". 

However I do realize that children like 'something to look fwd to' at the end of the session and so that is why we do the "special treat game":-)
The last class of each soccer session (not mommy n me or ADV class) consists of the children picking their favorite games that they've played during the session and a brief game where they win a choice of treats. (Skittles, goldfish or.... sloppy kisses:-)  
If none of the 3 choices are acceptable for your child then please feel free to bring along an alternative of your choosing.

Note: This game has been suspended due to covid to avoid the children putting their hands In their mouths but the children still get to obviously pick their favorite games on the last day. 

Little Rascalz classes are not 'drop off'. Although the majority of parents/carers enjoy a little quiet time on the side of the field watching their 'Rascal' participate in the class independently. They must be over 18 and be present at all times as they are ultimately responsible for their child even during the class.

Little Rascalz Soccer School is designed for preschoolers and 30 years of teaching children of this age has given us a good understanding of their behavior.  Most children of this age will behave in a way that does not disrupt the ability of others to enjoy the class. However, as with most things, there are exceptions. Therefore, Little Rascalz Soccer School reserves the right to refuse any child admittance to classes for consistent unruly behavior.
On the same note if any parent physically, verbally abuses our staff, makes any aggressive or defamatory suggestions or remarks towards them then we reserve the right to remove their child from the class. So sad we have to write this:-(