Monday May 3rd at approx 2:45 pm

Registration has been suspended for about 48 hours

This is for us to be able to install and update a new registration system which will be WAY better the old one. 
We have to input the 1000 + kids already registered into the new system manually before it can go live and this takes a lot of time and is impossible while 
people are still registering so we suspect registration will begin again about this time on Wednesday.
We will also send out an email, saying it's back up and details of the new system. If you are new to our program and wish to receive notification when it's up and running, please email [email protected] and ask for your email to be added to our mass email list.
Thanks so much for your patience while we implement a much more efficient and easier system for you.

Jen and the Little Rascalz team:-)